In daily Housekeeping operations there are numerous reasons for the need to remove an assigned room from the from the Room Attendants list. When it is already known who will be assigned to this room it is possible to change the assignement of the room via the app. However when an assigned room needs to be removed from a Room Attendants list and it is unknown who will be assigned, this action needs to be performed from the dashboard. 

  1. From the left menu navigate to the Housekeeping tab
  2. Select the Room Attendant for who the room needs to be removed
  3. On the right of the page the assigned rooms are shown, click on the icon next to the room that needs to be removed
  4. The room is now removed from the list of the Room Attendant and shown in the statistics as an unassigned room

Be aware! For the Room Attendant to have this room removed from the list synchronisation in the app is required