It may occur that cleaning tasks need to be changed.

These tasks are sent to Leviy from the booking system. If a guest leaves earlier than planned, the task may need editing. The same applies for when a guest prolongs his/her stay. 

1. Navigate to the unit page in the dashboard by:

        A. Clicking on the orange Units button on the overview page.

        B. Navigating to the object and clicking on Units in the side menu. 

2. Select room (unit) for which you want to change the task. The row will become yellow.

3. Click on the blue Actions button at the top of the page. Choose for Change unit status.

4. A popup screen will appear where you can change the status of the unit (room). Choose for the third option Task and select the task from the dropdown. 

5. Click on Save and the task has been changed. 

6. On the unit page you will see that the task has been adjusted.