When cleaning tasks are ready to be planned, but for some reason they can not be executed on the "wisseldag", Leviy allows you to postpone these tasks. The following steps will explain how:

On the Units page

1. Select the Unit(s) you would like to postpone.
2. Click on the blue Actions button and select Postpone cleaning.
3. A pop up appears, click on the number of days the cleaning needs to be postponed. (The selection will appear dark blue)
4. Confirm this change by clicking on the blue Save button. 

Postponing cleaning tasks has a number of consequences. Firstly, the assigned employee will disappear. Secondly, the postponed Units will appear on the Planned statuses page for the correct day. (Example: two Units that were planned to be cleaned on April the 3rd and were then postponed two days, will now appear on the Planned statuses page on April the 5th).