Within the Leviy App it is possible to view indicators that show the progress of each Room Attendant.

This way it is easy to get an insight if the Room Attendant is ahead or behind on schedule.

The Supervisor is able to action the performance, make adjustments in the allocation of rooms etc.

The indicator shows the difference between the norm time of the task assigned to the room versus the actual time a Room Attendant needed to perform the task.

  1. Navigate from the Home screen to the tab Housekeeping 
  2. These are the overviews of each Room Attendant shown, including the indicator on the right
    • Does the indicator appear in green? The Room Attendant is X minutes ahead of schedule
    • Does the indicator appear in red? The Room Attendant is X minutes behind on schedule

It is also possible to give Room Attendants an insight in their own progress.

This can be set by a person with an Administrator account on the Object overview page.