By means of LEVIY's Document module, an organisation is capable of providing their users with up to date documentation on their mobile device. Setting up what type of documents are available, is easily done by setting up the user's Role accordingly. Follow the below steps to add a new document.

1. Select Control at the top of your window and choose Documents

2. Click the green and white Plus icon to add a new document

3. Click the grey Select button and lookup the document that needs to be added

4. Type an appropriate title in the Title field (this will be the actual title of the document in LEVIY)

5. Add an optional description which will provide an administrator with background information on the document itself 

6. In the dropdown next to Topic, select a topic (bear in mind that Roles are linked to Topics and that this link dictates the document's actual visibility for a user)

7. Add a version number under Version

8. As a reminder, add an expiration date for the document in Expire date

9. Set the availability of the document by checking or un-checking the box next to "Document is globally available" *

* If the document's availability checkbox is un-checked, the user is presented with a couple of fields. Choosing a client or object or unit dictates on which level that particular document can be accessed in the app.