When adding a new document, as a property the document's availability has to be set. Each document can either be made "globally" available or "locally". Both options are explained below.

Document is "globally" available

While adding a new document, one of the options that need to be set is its availability. Making a document globally available means that a document is accessible for an entire organisation, with the only restriction being dictated by the user's Role and the document's Type. A globally available document can be accessed by pressing the Documents button on the app's Home screen. To make a document globally available, simply activate the checkbox and press the blue Save button.

Document is "locally" available

In case a document does not need to be available for an entire organisation, a couple of other properties need to be set. Setting these make a document "locally" available. This means that a particular document can be accessed on client, object or unit level. To set this, choose an appropriate client, object or unit while adding the new document and click the blue Save button at the bottom of the screen.