To equipped Cleaners with a worksheet or an overview of their tasks in the Leviy app, data from the booking system has to be imported in Leviy. This file should be a CSV file that fits the requirement to be read by Leviy. This import will be shown on the Planned statuses page. As soon as this information is presented, the planner can start assigning its available employees. The following steps will explain how: 

On the Planned statuses page

1. Click on the grey IMPORT button.
2. Select a file by clicking on the grey Select button.
3. Navigate to the correct CSV file and click on Open.
4. To start the import press on the blue Import button.

Leviy will process the file. As soon as the import has succeeded, the data will become visible. If there is already data for this day, Leviy will communicate this. To every Unit additional data will be added. The user can choose to overrule the existing data by clicking on Ignore or on the green Save button.

5. After having done this, click on the blue CONTINUE button.
6. You will now see the complete list of imported Units. Now you are ready to assign the employees.