Creating a new Issue is fairly easy, but does depend on the way the Issues functionality is used in Leviy. Issues can be created on Client, Object or Unit level, depending on the way there are setup in the application. For the sake of this tutorial, let's assume that issues are created and handled at Unit level.

Simply follow the steps below to create a new issue.

From the dashboard's Units page

1. Select the Unit for which a new issue needs to be created

2. Click the green button containing the White plus sign

3. Select the type of the issue from the Type dropdown

4. Type a short and descriptive Title

5. Optionally, add a Description

6. Select the Status of the new issue

7. Select, where applicable, the issue Assignee

8. Save the issue by clicking the blue Save button.

Depending on the situation, up-to 4 pictures can be added to the Issue. In general however, this option is mainly used on mobile devices using Leviy app.