Sometimes it's convenient to close multiple handled issues at the same time or even re-open a couple of them in one go. Leviy enables the user to do this, by selecting multiple items on the Issues page and closing these. This is particularly convenient when someone in the back-office is responsible for this and issues are not closed one by one from within the app.

Follow the steps below to close multiple issues.

From the Issues page

1. By means of CTRL+click (Command+click for Mac) select the issues that need to be closed (optionally use the field Type to filter a specific issue type)

2. Using the blue Close button, close the selected issues

3. Confirm closing the issues by clicking Ok

(NOTE: This applies only to issues with the status Open)

Since the default status filter on the Issues page has Open and In progress selected, previously closed issues are hidden from view. Of course these closed issues can be displayed by clicking the x behind Open and In progress and selecting Closed in the same box. Within the selected date range, the closed issues are then displayed. Re-opening these issues is done in the same fashion as closing them. Simply follow the steps as described for closing issues, but click Reopen in stead of Close.