Adding an Action to an issue can be done while creating a new issue or by looking up an existing issue. Both while creating a new issues and by opening an existing issue, next to the blue Issue section, a grey section is visible which reads Actions. To lookup a specific issue in the app, head to the red Issues button on the app's Home screen and look up the issue.

After looking up a specific issue, follow the below steps to add an Action

Step to follow from the Issues section on the app's home screen

1. By means of the field containing the magnifying glass, lookup the issue which needs to have an Action added to

2. Tap the issue to open it

3. Tick the Actions to open the actions window

4. Add a new action by ticking the green Add Action button

5. Type a short and descriptive Title

6. Add an optional Description

7. Add a new picture by tapping the blue Capture button or choose an existing photo form the device's memory by clicking the Library button *

8. Save the new action by ticking the white check mark in the top right corner of the screen

9. Save the issue by tapping the white disk icon

* Up-to 4 pictures can be added to a new issue