Sometimes an existing Issue needs to be adjusted, because the issue type or assignee is incorrect. Both of these can easily be amended, by looking up the particular issue and making the necessary changes. In this article it is assumed that he user has the specific permissions to change an issue's type and/or assignee and that multiple issue types are in use.

To proceed, lookup the issue that needs to be amended and follow the steps below to change the type and of assignee.

Steps to follow starting by tapping the Issues button on the app's home page

1. Using the field containing the magnifying glass, lookup the issue which needs to have the issue type or assignee changed (where applicable, use the Type filter to narrow your search)

2. Tap the looked up issue to open it

3. Tap the dropdown field below Type to show the other types available

4. Select the new type (in iOS confirm the selection by tapping Done)

5. Save the changed issue by tapping the white disk icon in the top right corner

Changing an assignee is done by following the previous steps, where the only difference lies in ticking the dropdown under Assigned to instead of under Type.