Depending on where the checklist is linked to, first head over to the appropriate level within the app. Select the checklist which needs to be run by tapping it and a new window will be opened.

The first (Data) screen shows information about which checklist has been started, which customer / object / unit it is linked to, which inspector performs the checklist and the date and time on which the checklist was started. In addition a description can be entered, for example stating why the checklist was run.

Proceed to the Categories tab. This page contains the actual items which need to be scored. An item can be scored by either swiping over it or by actually tapping the item which subsequently opens it. The particular item is then opened in a separate window and the item's answer options are being displayed. Next to the answer, an explanation can be added and even up-to four pictures can be added to the individual item's score. Once a single item has been scored, proceed back to the categories page by tapping the white check mark in the top right corner of the app's window. Score each and every question in the checklist in this manner until done.

After scoring all questions, proceed to the Completion tab to conclude the checklist by registrering attendees, where applicable. Do bear in mind, that checklists can be setup in such a way that this tab is not visible at all. In case the tab is visible, two options are displayed to register an attendee. If for instance the contact person of a particular client is attending, register their name by means of tapping the Enter manual button. A screen is opened where the attendee's title can be indicated, the name and profession. Tap the blue Signature button to have the attendee sign for attending. Should an attendee be persent, whose name is known as a user in Leviy , then choose to Add that attendees name by tapping that button. The app the displays a screen which by means of a selection either displays just Cleaners or All users linked to a particular client/object/unit. Adding an attendee by means of the Add button is hardly ever used, since generally speaking attendees are non Leviy  users.