When setting up a checklist, mark definitions must be entered when creating a subcategory. A subcategory bundles a number of items. Items are the actual questions that are asked in the subcategory.

To answer the questions in the app, a mark definition must be entered for a subcategory. This determines not only what answer options there are for the underlying items, but also what the standard answer is.

Let’s say that Grade Group A consisted of the answers Good, Sufficient, Insufficient and Bad and if the answer is 'Inadequate Group A' as the standard number definition, then the app offers the option to answer the question with Good, Sufficient, Insufficient and Bad. At the start of the checklist, the answer of the items that fall under the subcategory will also be marked as Insufficient. An advantage of setting a low score/Inadequate as a answer is that the users are encouraged to actually carry out the check and to do this accurately in order to achieve a good mark. How a standard answer can be adjusted is explained below.

1. Select Control and then Checklist Definitions

2. Click on the title of the checklist for which an adjustment has to be made

3. Click on the title of the Category that includes the subcategory for which the adjustment must be made

4. Click on the title of the Subcategory for which the default answer needs to be changed

5. Click on the orange button to edit

6. Choose the new standard answer or possibly even new answer options from another answer group. At Default Mark (Mark Group).

7. Save

8. The standard answer has now been changed.

PLEASE NOTE! In order to see the changes for the users of the Leviy app, the users must first synchronize the app. If a new checklist is then started, the change will be visible.