Forms are an important part of your daily process. It is possible to digitally fill in forms, by example damage forms, employment forms or visitation reports. A form can be found on two different ways. Below you can find the explanation of both possibilities.

First way to look for a form:

1. From the Home screen choose Forms

2. Choose the right form from the list

Take note! This list only shows the forms which are not linked to an object. Which means, that it is possible that a form is linked to an object and is not visible in this list.

Another way to search for a form is:

1. From the Home screen choose My Objects

2. Select the object where you need to work with the form.

3. In this screen you can find the different possibilities which are possible for this object. Choose the right form in this screen.

Take note! It is possible that there are several forms available for this object. If this is the case, please choose Start Form, after which a drop-down menu will appear with the various forms.

Is the right form missing? This may be caused by to the following:

1. The user is not allowed to use this form.

2. The form is not correctly configured in the dashboard. Please contact your application manager.