It is possible that the user tries to send a form. It may occur that the following message appears: Failed, No connection. In this case, please check the following items:

1. Make sure that the device has a strong 3G, 4G or WiFi connection.

2. If it concerns a large form, it is possible that it takes longer for the app to send it. Our advice is to have a little patience or to try to synchronize again.

3. Does the form appear at To be send? Then it may be possible that the form has not been saved or send correctly. This can be checked by clicking on the item, after which the Edit and Delete buttons should be visible. Is the Delete button only visible? Than an error has occurred when sending the form to the dashboard, for example by attachments (photos). If so, the only option is to remove the part by clicking on the Delete button.

Take note! When data is saved at To be send you should never logout. When the logout button is clicked, the saved data is deleted.