During daily operations employees are able to register issues. Within a company we are able to distinguish different types of issues such as cleaning, technical, additional work etc. 

There are 2 ways to view your issues. Please continue reading as both ways will be explained...

First way to look for an issue:

  1. From the Home screen choose the red button Issues. The list that is represented shows all outstanding issues.
  2. Click on a issue in order to go to the issue detail page
  3. Use the filter if you want to narrow the results that are represented in the list

Another way to search for an outstanding issue is as follows:

  1. From the Home screen choose the blue button My objects
  2. Select the object for which the issue is created. This is also shown by a red line indicating there's an issue on this object
  3. On the object page onder issues there is a list of all issues that are in an open or in progress status
  4. Select an issue to go to the issue information page

Note! When you use the filter this selection is saved. Undo the filter selection when you require an overview of all outstanding issues.