The schedules of the Room Attendants can be found in the app of the Supervisor. This ensures that the Supervisor has a good overview of the time and can check if the Room Attendant runs on time or is behind. The Supervisor can also check the rooms in the app:

1. Click on the blue button Housekeeping on the home page. The schedule is shown below.

2. Click on the name of a Room Attendant to check one of his / her rooms

3. Click on the room to be checked

4. Immediately click on Unseen checked when the room is approved without seeing it. The status will change to the checkmark of Inspected.

5. When the room is first checked, click on Start Inspection. After this the checklist that is linked to this room starts. Fill in this checklist. When this room cannot be changed to the status inspected, the button Disapproved is clicked. If it can be changed to inspected, the Approved button will be clicked. This will appear in the list of the Room Attendant with a list of attention points.