The schedules of the Room Attendants can be found in the app of the Supervisor. This ensures that the Supervisor has a good overview of the time and can check if the Room Attendant runs on time or is behind. The Supervisor can also check the rooms in the app:

Follow the steps below to check a room:

  1. Click on the Housekeeping on the homepage
  2. Click on the name of a Room Attendant whose rooms you want to check
  3. Click on the room you want to check
  4. a. If the room status can be changed to 'Inspected' immediately, without using the checklist, click on Approve.
    b. To check the room with the attached checklist, click on Start Inspection.

    The questions from the checklist will be displayed. These questions can be answered simply by swiping the answer possibilities until the desired answer is displayed. Another possibility is by clicking on the question. A new screen will then display the question with the corresponding answer options. It is also possible to give an explanation of the given answer and to add a picture for clarification. Once the question has been answered, click on the 'V' at the top right to return to the questionnaire.

  5. Is the room clean and can the status be changed to Inspected? Then click on Approve.
  6. If the room is not clean enough and you want to change the status back to Dirty, click on Fail.
    The room will then be shown in red in the to-do list of the Room Attendant.