In Leviy it is possible to get an indication of how much time a Room Attendant is running ahead or behind on the schedule. As a result, it is possible to immediately take action, by carry out an additional inspection or by adjusting the number of assigned rooms for that day. The indicator shows the actual cleaning times compared to the standard cleaning times.

1. Open the dashboard

2. Choose the hotel at My Objects

3. Click Housekeeping in the menu on the left

4. At the Room Attendants you can find a table per employee with the number of assigned rooms. Next to the name of the Room Attendant a time is displayed.

Are the minutes green? Then that Room Attendant runs for X minutes on the schedule

Are the minutes red? Then that Room Attendant runs behind on the schedule for X minutes

It is also possible to give Room Attendants an insight into their own progress. The person who has application management right can change this on the object level.