DKS creates the possibility to audit the skills of a cleaner. In a DKS assessment possible mistakes can be noted and be linked to the type of mistake. A DKS is submitted through the LEVIY app and can then be found in the dashboard. It is possible to perform an analysis of the executed DKS assessments. Below are the steps explained:

1. Open the Leviy dashboard
2. Log in
3. Click on Analysis in the top menu
4. Then select DKS Analysis from the drop-down menu
5. Choose what will be analysed, for example the number of executed DKS
6. Choose what will be compared, for example clients or objects
7. Choose the period that is analysed, for example a month
8. Next, choose the filters at the right. If you have chosen objects in step 6, you can only choose for the objects in question at objects.  
9. Select Confirm. At the bottom of the screen all data is collected and analysed