In the LEVIY App, a Supervisor can set a room to inspected in two ways.
Via the button Unseen Approved or via a checklist Start Inspection.

With a checklist you can have different elements selected where the room need to be inspected on. For instance a mirror or bin etc.
These elements can be checked with the checklist definitions. For instance OK / Not OK or Excellent / Good / Poor.

The explanation below shows how to run a checklist:

  • Open the Leviy App
  • Click Housekeeping or My Units and click on the specific room that need to be checked
  • Click on Start Inspection 
  • In this checklist there are different elements in this room. To select a element that need to be checked (OK / Not OK) you can swipe over the checklist definitions to select either OK or Not OK.
  • To add a remark or screen print, you can click on the element what needs a remark and/or screen print. Add the remark and/or screen print and click on the check mark in the right hand corner of your window.
  • At the bottom of the checklist you can select Approved or Declined.
    When Declined is selected, this specific room is colored red (with the remark and/or screen print) in the app for the specific Room Attendant.
    When the Supervisor resolve the issue themselves, you can select Approved.