Leviy offers the possibility to import clients & objects into Leviy. Convenient, for when many new clients & objects need to started up. This option can be found under Control and then Import. Is this not visible? Please contact your administrator to ensure that this setting will be available.

How does the import of new clients & objects work?

  • Choose Control
  • Choose Import
  • Choose by Step 1: Choose type for clients & objects
  • Choose by Step 2: Choose File for download template
  • Open the template, this is a Microsoft Excel document
  • Enter the requested data in the template, see example below

IMPORTANT! Leave the bold text in row 1 unchanged. Only with this data can Leviy import the file. 

  • Save the template with a name that is easy to find. 
  • Return to the Dashboard and select by Step 2: Choose File the file that has just been saved to upload the file
  • Leviy starts with importing and shows afterwards how many rules have been successfully imported and which rules might have been skipped. In the file it is possible to see why this rule has been skipped. The first line of the template, with the bold text, is always skipped. 

TIP! Import the clients & objects including the external client reference and the external object reference. This list will be imported with for example just a change in the current client name, the current import will be overwritten. In the first instance, the import looks at the external client reference and the external object reference.