When a new employee is hired you want to give access to the system.

To register a new user you can follow the next steps:

  • Log in to accounts.leviy.com
  • Click on "Users" in the left column
  • Click on the plus button at the top right
  • Fill in the details of the new user
  • At "Email" you fill in the email address. If the user doesn't have a business email address, a fictitious email address can be entered, for example firstname.lastname@company.uk.co. The user will not receive notifications if necessary.
    Note: The domain name (...@domeinnaam.nl) must match the domain name of your organization.
  • Select a "User type"
  • Select a "Dashboard Group"
  • Select a "Role"
    Tip; If you don't have the group and/or role you need, you simply can add them. Click on groupĀ or roleĀ how to
  • Click on "Register user"
  • The user has been added

Take note: to register users you must have the role HR Employee or