When creating a checklist, there is also the possibility to add translations. Follow the steps below to add the actual translations.

1. Go to the Checklist definitions through Control -> Checklist definitions

2. Click the Blue title of an existing Checklist definition for which a translation needs to be added

3. On the right side of the screen, click the Grey Translations button. The translations module is opened

4. Click the language drop down to select the appropriate language

5. Below the heading which reads Translations, the checklist is presented in a number of sections. These section all represent a portion of the checklist's content

6. Click the section Checklist Definition. The number behind it, represents the amount of lines that need to be supplemented with a translation. Each individual line has a Source and a Target

7. Fill in the word or words in the box below Target that represent the translation for the word in Source for that particular line and click Save

8. Click each and every single section and add translations where necessary.

9. After adding all necessary translations, exit the translation module via the Blue back-arrow