In Leviy there is a difference between deactivate a client and delete a client. If a client is deactivated in Leviy, the client is no longer visible for the users in the App, but the data is still available in the Leviy Dashboard.
When this client become an active client again in the future, it can be easily activated again.

1. Click on Clients, top left of the menu bar.
2. Click on the line of the Client that must be deactivated.
(note: click on the line itself instead of Title of Client)

3. The line with the Client that must be deactivated is highlighted in yellow. 

4. At the top of the Clients table the Actions button is highlighted in blue.

5. Click on Actions button. 

6. Select Deactivate.

7. Leviy asks: "Deactivate client?"

8. Click on Deactivate