In addition to the ability to filter using dashboard values, Leviy Analytics also has the option to filter using the filter panel; this allows users to filter more specifically. 

1. Move your mouse to the white-space next to the filter title (In the example below "Status")

2. There will appear a small pencil-like icon (as visible in the image below). Click the pencil-like icon. 

3. There will pop up a menu where it is possible to select and de-select values; when values have their boxes checked they are included in the dashboard and when the boxes are empty they are excluded from the dashboard.  

Date filters have an additional filter option. In the edit menu of a singular date filter, it is possible to adjust the date entity of the filter, so the same filter can be used to switch from year to month, to quarter and to days.

Lastly, there is the possibility to turn off filters. In the bottom of each filter, there is a blue or yellow switch. By switching this the filter will no longer influence the data on the dashboard.