It might occur that the dashboard itself is visible but that all widgets are empty while the organization has had activities. This can have four causes:

1. Make sure there are no conflicting filters. To resolve conflicting filters, please follow the instructions on how to reset the filters.  

2. It might be that data security has not been set for the dashboard, please submit a ticket to check this. 

3. The dashboard gathering new data from the database. It might occur that dashboards get temporarily empty when the data structure is connecting to the database. This normally does not take more than 5 minutes and often Leviy Analytics will provide an error message explaining the dashboard is being built. 

4. Leviy Analytics is malfunctioning. This can have two effects: empty widgets or an orange exclamation mark in the widgets. It might help to refresh the page. In case of a system failure, Leviy will try to get it back online as soon a possible. If the issue continues, do not hesitate to submit a ticket via Freshdesk.