The Leviy Analytics environment offers the ability to setup data alerts, named pulses. A pulse sends out a notification via email or phones if anomalies are detected within the data, or if the value is above or below a certain threshold.

Setting up a pulse

A pulse can be set up on the following data types:

1. Click on the symbol on the upper right, next to the widget title (the three stripes, sometimes three dots). 

2. There will pop up a menu. 

3. Click on Add To Pulse

4. The following menu will pop up with a couple of options: the name of the pulse and when to notify people.

Threshold: Choose threshold where above, below, between, or on the notifications should be sent, for example, each time there are more than 1 issues. The notifications will be evaluate against the threshold after the data build and sent out if it matches the set criteria. 

Automatic: This will automatically detect anomalies in the data and will trigger if it differs from the normal patter, for example, if the number of issues suddenly grows a lot. 

Always: This setting will send out an alert each time the data structure is built.

5. Via advanced, it is possible to set up the notification channels and the person that should be notified. Notification channels include: email, Slack, mobile or Zappier.

6. A pulse will be sent out and will be reevaluated after new data is accumulated from the database. This moment is often very early in the morning to eliminate disturbance. This time can be changed if it creates inconvenience in combination with the pulse or if another time is better suited. Submit a ticket to Freshdesk if there is a need to change the build time.