It's possible to inspect the cleaner for his/her skills with an Audit (DKS and Checklist).

The DKS and Checklist can be scheduled for the inspectors within the dashboard. This schedule will be visible in the Leviy App.

To plan an audit, the following steps are followed:

  1. Choose on the home page Control
  2. Then choose Planning

Subsequently, an agenda is shown in which all planned activities of the organization are visible. Follow the next steps below to schedule an audit.

  1. Choose the green plus sign Add
  2. Select the type of Assessment that needs to be scheduled in this case a DKS
  3. Select at Inspector who must perform the DKS
  4. Select the Frequency. This can be Once, Weekly or Monthly
  5. Select a start date. You must enter an end date when chosen for a weekly or Monthly frequency
  6. Select a deadline. These are the number of days, after the scheduled date, that the check may still be run
  7. Enter a description/note for the inspector. (This is not a mandatory field)
  8. Select at Clients / Objects of Clients / Objects / Units of Objects / Units, for the relevant entity (s) for which the DKS control must be scheduled
  9. Click on Save. The DKS is planned.