With a Checklist it is possible to create an overall score with an inspection.
The Checklist can be planned in the App. When planned, the Checklist will be visible in the app.

To plan a Checklist you can do as follows:

1. Select My Objects on the home screen of the App

2. Select the Object where you want to run the inspection on

3. Click on Plan Activity under Actions

Follow the next steps to plan the inspection.

1. The Object is stated in light grey, as it is preselected based on the object.

2. The inspector is stated in light grey. This is based on the user who is logged in

3. Select at Type Controle for the Checklist what need to be filled in

4. You can add a Description. This is not a mandatory field

5. Select a Deadline. This will be the amount of days after the plandate.

6. Select a Start Date when this inspection need be planned. You can select a different date, click on the light grey line and a agenda pop-up.

7. Select Entire day YES or slide it to NO. If selected NO, you will see a pop-up window to select a time and an end date.

8. If everything is set accordingly, click on the Floppy Disk button, on the top right, to save.

9. And select YES to confirm