It may happen that it's useful to have the names of the cleaners available in the app or in the dashboard.
This can be useful for example filling in a form or a inspection. Choosing for not creating an account for cleaners in Leviy, as they will not work with Leviy, you can create cleaners as an employee on an object. This option ensures that the names are available, without having to create a (paid) account for the cleaners.

To create an employee, the following steps are taken:

1. Select My Objects in the top menu

2. Choose the Object in question that the employee is responsible for

3. Then choose for Employees in the menu bar on the left

4. Click on the green plus sign to create a new employee

5. Click Create an employee

The following information is then filled in:

1. First name

2. Insertion

3. Last name

4. Gender

5. Date of birth

6. Employed

7. The retirement date does not have to be filled in when this employee is still employed

8. Under Job description, select Cleaner, Inspector or a blank line

9. Then click Save. The employee has been added

Curious how to set an Employee on retired? Click on the follow link.