It may happen that it's useful to have the names of the cleaners available in the app or in the dashboard.
This can be useful for example filling in a form or a inspection. When they not use the Leviy App, they are added to the system as employees.
When an employee retires, it's important to fill in in a unemployed date in the Leviy dashboard. This employee is no longer available in the App.

To retire/ disable an employee, the following steps are followed:

1. Select My Objects in the top menu

2. Choose the object in question that the employee is responsible for

3. Then choose for Employees in the menu bar on the left

4. Search for the relevant employee and select

5. Click on the orange pen icon in the upper right corner

6. Select an Unemployed date.

7. And click Save.

Curious how to add an employee? Click on the following link.