The Checklist is based on a simple digital question-answer list, and have them signed by an attendee.
A Checklist is filled in via the app.
It is also possible to select a cleaner in the Checklist, as it is clear which cleaner has been checked.

To select a cleaner in the Checklist, the following steps are followed:

1. On the home page, choose My Objects or My Units, depending on the entity where the Checklist is entered

2. Click on the relevant Object / Unit where a Checklist check must be started

3. Then choose the correct Checklist check to be started

4. When the Checklist is started, the data screen is always the first to be shown

5. On this screen, under Cleaner, the gray bar is clicked, after which it becomes possible to type or select a Cleaner

6. Type in the name of the employee, this can also be the first three letters of the name

7. Select the employee, after which it is added to the Checklist. It is possible to select several employees

8. When the employee in question has been chosen, the Checklist will be carried out.