When creating a new user in Leviy it's possible to send an activation link to a new user.
With this activation link it's possible for the user to activate his/her account. The activation link is valid for two days for security reasons.
It's therefore possible that this link expires before the account is created.

Follow the next steps to resend a new activation link to a user.

1. Select Control -> Users in the upper menu bar

2. Search for the user where the activation link is expired from.

3. Click on the line of the user where you need to send a new activation link to. (The line is highlighted in yellow.)

4. Click the blue Actions button at the top of the column and select Send activation link(s)

5. Confirm the question at the top of the page by clicking Submit, the user will receive a new activation link.

NOTE: Sending a new activation link can, in many cases, be done by the application manager of Leviy within the organization.
              Otherwise you can contact Leviy Support.