Users in Leviy have access to certain Clients and Objects, based on the Group to which they are linked. A Group is no more or no less than a name for a collection of Clients and related Objects. This can be a selection, or even the total of Clients and Objects, that falls under a certain organisation.

It may happen that a user needs to access another group.The step-by-step plan below can be used to change the previously selected group of a user.

This article is based on the assumption that the groups have already been created and the user has the permission to view and change the groups of a user. Click here to go to the article How do I create a group?

1. Open the Leviy Dashboard

2. Go to Control 

3. Go to Users

4. Click on the correct user to open the profile (but use the search field if necessary)

5. In the left menu, click Groups

6. Click on the orange pencil at the top right to edit the group.

7. Select the correct group and click on Save.