In order to make planning work for employees easier and more efficient, certain employee preferences can be set. Preferences can entail working hours, but also things like a preferred hotel floor or section of a holiday parc. To set these preferences, simply follow these steps.

On the Employees page

1. On the page Employees select the grey and white button EMPLOYEE PREFERENCES.
2. Click the green button containing the White plus sign.
3. Type a name or select the employee from the dropdown at the top of the pop-up window. Don't see the name in the list? Then add the employee before setting any preferences.

4. Under Tag groups select Generic.

5. Under Parts, select the employee appropriate floor, zone, etc.

6. Where applicable set the employee's Working days and hours (optional).

7. Complete the employee's preferecnes by selecting the blue Save button at the bottom of the window.

Pro tip! Should you want to set these preferences for several employees back-to-back, do select the checkbox visible in front of Add another before hitting the save button