An MKS can be compared with the DKS module in many ways, only it has been further developed. The MKS assessment is composed of a number of arithmetic parts, namely; room types, weighting factors, elements, points deduction & fatal questions. The MKS comprises a number of room types and specific elements are configured for each room type. Each element generates a certain deduction of points, the possible options are: 0.25 - 0.50 - 0.75 - 1.0. Also the room type can get a weighting factor between 1 and 10. For an organization it is possible, for example, if they consider the type of sanitary room more important than the type of traffic room to give the sanitary room a heavier weighting factor. The score for the sanitary room has a greater influence on the score of the MKS when it gets a higher weighting factor. It is also possible to set fatal questions. If a fatal question is answered as not ok, the entire room will be rejected 

(So the score is always zero).

How does the score of an MKS work? Here are a number of starting points:

  • The MKS assumes that every room that is added to the assessment initially scores a 10
  • The points of the initail score (10) are deducted form each element that is rejected within a room
  • The score of a assessed room is included in the MKS score according to the configured weighting factor
  • A room where a fatal question is answered positive (so it is not in order) scores a 0 at all times, irrespective the number of rejected element

Example of calculation:

In this calculation example, the following room types have been assessed:

- Traffic space (weighting factor 1)
* Sanitary room (weighting factor 5)
# Office (weighting factor 3)

- The traffic room gets -0.75 & -0.50 & -1.0 due to rejected elements. Total points deduction is 2.25 so the score for the traffic room is 7.75.
* The sanitary room will receive -1.0 & -1.0 & -0.75 & -0.50 due to rejected elements. Total points deduction is 3.25 so the score for the sanitary room is 6.75.
# The office gets -1.0 & -1.0 & -1.0 & -0.75 & -0.50 & -0.25 due to rejected elements. Total points deduction is 4.50 so the score for the office is 5.50.

Weighting Factor

Sanitaire ruimte6.75x5=33.75


Total: 58 points / 9 rooms = 6.44, this is the score of the entire MKS. 

Important: If there are 3 errors on the same element in a room, the points deduction is also counted three times.