Within Leviy it is possible to determine by means of a Role which rights a user has. The role determines which modules the user is allowed to use.

A Role can be created by using the step-by-step plan below. This article assumes that the user has the right to view and create roles.

1. Select Control and then Roles in Leviymenu bar
2. Press the green button with White plus sign on the right
3. Enter a clear Title for the new Role
4. Click on Add to add the role

You will now be returned to the overview page

5. Click on the title of the Role, which has just been added

6. Select Permissions in the Left menu

7. Click on the arrow icons to open the different permissions.

8. Tick the boxes of the permissions which are applicable to this Role

9. Click on the blue Save button.

10. Select Users in the Local navigation menu
11. In the list of Users, scroll down to the appropriate User(s) and tick the box in front of the user's / users' name(s)
12. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click the blue Save button

The new Role has been created and a new or existing user are now linked to the role.