Chatbots are ideal to quickly gain insights into your data without having to visit the dashboard. The chatbot will be operational within 5 minutes and no training is necessary to use it.  Furthermore, insights are easily shareable with colleagues within the chat environment and the chatbots will also help you with analyzing own CSV files. By following the following steps, you will have set up your very own chatbot for Slack, Skype or Facebook Messenger in no-time. 

1.  Add the chatbot to Slack, Skype of Facebook Messenger

This chatbot is named Sisense Boto. However, after adding the chatbot you can pick your own name.

Click on the preferred platform and either log in or accept the chatbot directly to start the conversation

                                         Slack | Skype | Facebook Messenger

2. Say hi!

Direct message the chatbot and say 'Hii!' . Your chatbot will welcome you and ask if you have a Sisense account, click to affirm this and the chatbot will ask you to log in once. The chatbot has access to the same data and dashboards as your Sisense account. It is also possible to add your own CSV files to the chatbot by dragging them in the chat. 

3. Ask for insights

Below he commands for the chatbot are listed. 


Show my dashboards

  • Shows all dashboards                                                                 

Get (dashboard name) dashboard  

  • The chatbot will get all widgets from the named dashboard. It will also list indicator values.                                     

Get (widget title) from (dashboard name) dashboard

  • The chatbot will show the specified widget and will instantly give a description and insights. 

Go deeper

  • Asks Boto to provide additional insights.                                                                                   

Analyze (widget title)  

  •  Asks Boto to analyze a certain widget.                                                       

Share (widget title) 

  • Shares a certain widget                                                            

Log out

  • Log out the user from Sisense.                                                                                       


  • This will clean up the chat.                                                                                   

Goodbye Boto

  •   Stops the chat session with Boto..