By means of LEVIY's Files module, an organisation is capable of providing their users with up to date documentation on their mobile device. Setting up which file categories should be available, is easily done by configuring the user's role accordingly. Follow the below steps to add a new file.

  1. Click on the apps icon at the top right of the toolbar and then select Files
  2. Click on the category the file belongs to. Take note! The roles that are linked to this file category will be able to view or manage this file
  3. Click on the blue round button with the add icon to Add 
  4. The page for adding a file will appear
  5. Click on Browse or drag a file to the browser
  6. Choose the file that needs to be added to LEVIY. The filetypes that are supported are: txt, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, png, gif, jpg, jpeg, mp4. From which pdf, png, gif, jpg, jpeg and mp4 are supported by the viewer. 
  7. Click on Next when the file has uploaded
  8. Type an appropriate title in the Title field. Take note! This will be the name of the file in LEVIY
  9. If desired type an extra description in the Description field to support the file. This can help the person managing files to recognise the file.
  10. Click on Next when the file has been given the right Title (and Description) 
  11. Link the file to the desired entities. (clients/objects/unit categories)
    Take note! The file will become available for the entities that are chosen here. The file can be seen by users that can access the linked entities and have a role which enables them to view files from the file category. 
  12. Click on Next to add the file

Take note! If a file needs to be available for everyone within the organisation, it is best to add it as a General file.