It is possible that someone will leave your organisation who uses LEVIY. In order to ensure that this user no longer has acces to LEVIY, it is necessary to block this user's account. The following steps explain how to block a user in LEVIY. 

1. Select Control in the upper menu bar

2. Select the menu option Users

3. Search for the user whose account can be blocked

4. Click on the line of the user to be blocked, highlighting multiple lines is possible

    (ATTENTION: Make sure that the line is highlighted yellow, this happens when you click somewhere in the line that has no link to another page)

5. Click on the button Actions at the top of the table (As soon as a line is highlited yellow, this button turns blue and can be clicked)

6. Choose the menu option Block

7. Confirm the question at the top of the page by clicking Block

NOTE:  Blocking a user can in many cases be done by the application manager of LEVIY within the organization. In some cases this will have to be done by the support staff of LEVIY.