General files are files that are available for all employees. A file that is added here, can be seen by everyone with an employee role. This way important information, applicable for all employees within the organisation, can easily be distributed.

  1. Click on the apps icon at the top right of the toolbar and then select Files
  2. Click on the tab General files
  3. Click on the blue round button with the add icon to Add a file 
  4. The page for adding a file will appear
  5. Click on Browse or drag a file to the browser
  6. Choose the file that needs to be added to LEVIY
  7. Click on Next when the file has uploaded
  8. Type an appropriate title in the Title field. Take note! This will be the name of the file in LEVIY
  9. If desired type an extra description in the Description field to support the file. This can help the person managing files to recognise the file.
  10. Click on Next to add the file