In the LEVIY's files module users with the Administrator role can create file categories. File categories offer the possibility to organise files into folders, such as contracts and work instructions.

File categories can be made available for clients, objects and unit categories. A contract might be a file category that needs to be available on client level, whereas work instructions may be relevant for object level and unit category level. When a file category had been made available for client level, this category will become available for all clients. This way all files within the organisation will adopt the same structure. This can promote the start up of a new client or object, because all file categories that are needed are ready to be filled. Take note! This does not mean that users with the role Client will be able to access the category per definition. This is only possible if this role has the permission to do so. 

Permissions can be set per file category. There are two types of permissions with a hierarchical structure:

  • View: The roles that are linked to this are only allowed to view the files in the file category. 
  • Beheren: The roles that are linked to this are allowed to view, add, edit and delete the files in the file category.

File categories enable users with the Administrator role to configure which files should be available for which roles. 

Click here to learn how to create a file category.

Take note! In Files user types apply.