Sometimes files might get lost. For instance, if a client is removed from the dashboard, files linked to this client can get lost in LEVIY. Because we care about keeping files safe, these orphan files can be found on the All files page under the tab Orphan files​. ​This way files will never disappear. Only users with the role Administrator can see orphan files. Described below is what can be done if this happens.
  1. Click on the tab Orphan bestanden on the All files page. If there are orphan files, the tab will have an orange colour supported by a number
  2. The page with all orphan files will appear
  3. Click on a file to open it
  4. Click on the menu iconand choose for Edit links to relink the file to a client/object/unit category or Delete to delete the file
  5. If the file is relinked to a client/object/unit category or deleted, the file will disappear from the list of orphan files