Files can age due to all kinds of reasons, which results into regularly having to add a new version of a file. To make sure outdated files do not pile up in the system, LEVIY supports smart version control. 

  1. Click on the apps icon at the top right of the toolbar and then select Files
  2. Search for the file for which a new version has to be added by clicking on the category the file is in or by searching for the files of a client or object 
  3. When the right file has been found, click on the blue round button with the add icon to Add a new version on the file overview page
  4. The modal to add a new version will appear
  5. Click on Browse or drag a file to the browser
  6. Click on Save to add the new version
  7. The old version will be saved under the tab Versions on the overview page of the file
  8. The new version will automatically receive a version number

If a new version has been added for a file, this latest version will also replace the older version in the LEVIY app.