Leviy is following a agile development approach. Our aim is to deliver newly developed functionalities to our customers as soon as possible.
To deliver maximum quality, and allow customers to inform / instruct users beforehand a release schedule is available.
This schedule defines the periods in which the upcoming versions of our products can be previewed.

Important note

The Android app normally becomes available in 24 hours after submission to store. 

Review time for the iOS app may vary.

Release schedule - dashboard and app

AppAccept statusAcceptRelease statusReleaseMinimal AndroidMinimal iOS May 2018Android 4.4iOS 9 Jun 2018Android 4.4iOS 9
9.4.0    1.20.0--Released17 Jul 2018Android 4.4iOS 9 Aug 2018Android 4.4iOS 9 Sep 2018Android 4.4iOS 9 Okt 2018Android 4.4iOS 9 Dec 2018Android 5iOS 9 Jan 2019Android 5iOS 9
2.3--Released12 Feb 2019Android 5iOS 9 Mar 2019Released19 Mar 2019Android 5iOS 9 Apr 2019Released23 Apr 2019Android 5iOS 9 May 2019Released28 May 2019Android 5iOS 9 Jun 2019Released02 Jul  2019Android 5iOS 9 Jul 2019Released06 Aug 2019Android 5iOS 9 Aug 2019Released10 Sep 2019Android 5iOS 9 Oct 2019Released15 Oct 2019Android 5iOS 10 Nov 2019Released19 Nov 2019Android 6iOS 10 Dec 2019Released17 Dec 2019Android 6iOS 10 Jan 2020Released28 Jan 2020Android 6iOS 10 Feb 2020Released03 Mar 2020Android 6iOS 10 Mar 2020Released07 Apr 2020Android 6iOS 10 Apr 2020Planned12 May 2020Android 6iOS 10 Jun 2020Planned16 Jun 2020Android 6iOS 10 Jul 2020Planned21 Jul 2020Android 6iOS 10 Aug 2020Planned25 Aug 2020Android 6iOS 10 Sep 2020Planned29 Sep 2020Android 6iOS 10 Okt 2020Planned03 Nov 2020Android 6iOS 10 Nov 2020Planned08 Dec 2020Android 6iOS 10 Dec 2020Planned12 Jan 2021Android 6iOS 10