When a new client or object is implemented, it can occur that an existing file is also applicable for this new acquisition. To easily realise the implementation, the functionality to link existing files to new clients/objects/unit categories helps save a lot of time. 

  1. Click on the apps icon at the top right of the toolbar and then select Files
  2. Search for the file which has to be linked by clicking on the category the file is in or by searching for the files of a client or object 
  3. When the right file has been found, click on the menu iconand choose for Edit links to link the file to new clients or objects or if possible underlying unit categories.
  4. The modal to edit links will appear
  5. Add the desired clients/objects/unit categories for which this file must become available. The possibilities in this screen are based on the scope set by the Administrator for file category. Click here to learn how file categories work 
  6. Click on Save to save the changes
  7. The file is now also linked to the entities chosen above