In Leviy it is possible to create an issue on Clients, Object or Unit. 
You can easily define per issue type on which Clients, Object, Unit the issue can be created and which types of issues should be available to which users, based on the role of the user.

In this article more about how to add an issue type. This article assumes that the user has the right to configure issue types.

1. In the menu at the top, choose Issues

2. At the top right of the page, choose Configuration

The screen with all existing issue types and linked roles is displayed

3. Select the green icon at the top right with the plus for Add.

4. Choose an icon for the new issue type

5. Enter the title and a unique system name. Please note: The system name cannot contain any special characters.

6. Select the roles for which this issue type should be available

7. Click on Add

The issue type has now been added. The next step is to link the issue type to Clients, Objects and/or Units.

8. Find the new issue type and click on EDIT

In the pop-up screen there are 3 tabs available; CLIENTS, OBJECTS, UNITS. Per tab you can indicate on which Clients, Objects or Units it should be possible to create an issue.


9. The tab Clients is already visible

10. Select All Clients or search for one or more specific Client(s), on which the issues should be made.

11. Click on Save


9. Go to the Objects tab

11. Select All Objects or search for a specific object. It is also possible to select the different Objects per Clients, for example all of Client A's Objects.

12. Click on Save


9. Go to the Units tab

10. Select All Units or search for a specific Unit. It is also possible to select the different Units per Object, for example all Units of Object A.

11. Click on Save