By means of a DKS it is possible to check the cleaner for his/her skills. The DKS can be scheduled for the supervisors in the dashboard, so that they have this planning visible in the Leviy App.
Of course, it may happen that the planned DKSs have to be removed. Below you can read how you can do that.

To remove a scheduled DKS, the following steps are followed:

1. On the home page, choose Control -> Audit Planning

Subsequently, a form of an agenda is shown, in which all planned activities of the organization is visible.
Follow these steps to remove a DKS control:

1. Several scheduled inspections can be seen in this agenda. Click on a assessment and drag it to the left.
2. A red delete box will now be visible
3. Drag the control to the red area and release it. The assessment is removed from the agenda.

Follow the following steps to remove multiple assessments at once:

1. Select the blue Edit planning button
2. In the drop down window, choose Delete
3. Select Assigned to for the inspector to which the controls are assigned to OR choose No Inspector
4. Under Task, choose All Tasks or make a selection, if you want to delete a specific assessments from this inspector.
5. Under Linked to, choose All Clients and Objects, if you want to delete all the Clients and Objects of this Inspector OR Make a selection, if you want to delete specific Client or Object
6. Select the period From - To
7. And click on Show Summary
8. It shows a summary of the all the selected assessments
9. Choose Delete to remove the assessments.