If you want to schedule recurring tasks in the dashboard, follow the steps below. In order to be able to schedule tasks, the tasks have to be configured first. Click here to learn more about configuring tasks.

1. Click on the overview page in the menu on 'My Objects'.

2. Then click on the object to which the recurring tasks are to be scheduled. It is important that this object contains units.

3. Then click on the orange 'Units' button, after which the overview of all units will be shown.

4. Then click on the left side of the menu on 'Recurring tasks'.

5. In the following screen, click on the 'Add' button, the plus at the top right.

A pop-up screen will be shown. Fill in the sections below:

1. Frequency. Enter the frequency once or weekly.

When using weekly, it becomes possible to select the days of the week, when the task is applicable.

2. Date. Enter the date on which the task is to be executed.

3. Time. Enter the time at which the task should be scheduled.

4. Unit category. Select the unit category for which the tasks are to be planned.

5. Units. Select the units to which this task is to be scheduled.

6. Task. Select the task to be scheduled here.

7. Cleaner. If necessary, select the cleaner to be linked to these tasks. This is not mandatory.

8. Note. Fill in any remarks and/or explanations here. This is not mandatory.

After completing the above sections, click on 'Save'.