If you want to use attendance registration (by using NFC or QR eg) at Object level, you can follow the steps below to set this up.

(If you do not use attendance records at all, please contact Support or a ticket via FreshDesk)

To be able to use attendance registration on Object level you need to add the Object or Objects on which you want to register the attendance registration.
Below is described how you can do that.

1) Go to Control -> Modules

2) Select User presence

3) Click on the orange pen Edit

4) Add the Object or Objects on which you want to register the user presence and click on Save

5) Click on a Object that you just added to the User Presence module.

6) You are now on the Object page. In the left menu, select User Presence

7) You will now see an overview of the User Presence. In this overview you will find the User Presence at Object level. If you user User Presence at Unit level, you will also see this in the overview page.
    See example 1.

8) The User Presence can also be downloaded as an Excel file.

9) Select the desired date range From - to

10) Click on the download button

11) The information of the Consumption users is downloaded in a Excel file.

(Important: To be sure that everything is set up correctly and to use the QR / NFC code functionality, please contact Support or by a ticket via - FreshDesk)